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Child Trafficking Could Become Rampant in State Unless Tackled Urgently, Feels Activist

IMPHAL, Apr 8: Every year thousands are trafficked across India for a variety of reasons including sexual exploitation, bonded labour, organ transplantation, adoption, coerced marriage etc. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and in Manipur child trafficking appears to be a growing epidemic. Though the number of cases are rising, the state government has failed to take any measures Anee Mangsatabam, the chairman of Child Welfare Committee told IFP.

Trafficked victims are usually taken from less developed countries to developed ones and as far as Manipur is concerned the state has become vulnerable due to its large international border, armed and ethnic conflict, poverty as well as a variety of legal issues, she said.

The Indian Penal Code and Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act (1956) states that anyone found dealing with sex workers and human trafficking are to be punished.

But in the state no cases have been registered by the police so far even though there are lots of cases arising she said.

Anee said that it was sad that the state government was not taking up any action against such traffickers who deal with women and children of the state by exporting them to the metropolitan cities as well as misuse them inside the state.

She felt that to control such activities the state law enforcement agencies need to take a big role.

NGOs and concerned departments who are working in this area also require to raise their voice on the issue for the government to take effective action. So far not much has been done by the state government, she said.

In 10 years` time if the trend continues human trafficking in the state is sure to become rampant and many of our children will be victims, she maintained.

Various NGOs and organisations of the state who are working to prevent human trafficking in the state, have said that due to lack of funds and other reasons they were unable to take any action against the traffickers.

Awareness programmes and various workshops to give awareness to the traffickers, public and the government is required, along with setting up of training for the local border patrols since trafficking of children and women are done along the highways.



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