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You can be charged with a prostitution offense for not much

In the city of San Francisco you can be arrested for intent to solicit a prostitute. This is something of a thought crime. If the government believes you intended enough to do an action, though you never agreed to do that action, than it is a crime. For example, if you make conversation with a woman on the street and she mentions she is a prostitute or she offers a price, and if you stay too long, you can be arrested. Even if you don't agree. While I might  not suggest someone try to pick up for a regular date a prostitute, that does happen occasionally.

But the law believes that anyone who doesn't leave right away as if the prostitute had a TB or something, is a criminal who deserves the full wrath of the criminal justice system. Of course there is no crime in conversation with someone else on the street.

While I think most prostitution laws are absurd, and that the harms of prostitution are largely a factor of it being illegal in the first place, as with drugs, not agreeing to an act of prostitution should definately not being treated as a crime.  Heck, if you loiter too long under these Orwellian named, prostitution free zones, you can be charged with intent to solicit prostitution. Of course, when thought crimes exists, than innocent men and women will be caught up in the net of these war on sex crimes.

Indeed, in Las Vegas casinos the police regularly engage in stings. While prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, I think they might want people to believe it is legal (only legal in some Nevada brothels) to increase arrests and fines.  If you are a man the fact that you have a large amount of cash (yeah unusual in a casino, huh) or have condoms could be used as evidence against you.

By the way, women have had the fact that they had condoms with them in prostitution cases, such as in New York City,  to have been charged with prostitution. Nothing increases public health more than a disincentive for sex workers not to use condoms, huh? Well, not surprising, prostitution laws aren't built on public health but religious/puritan reasons.  This folks, is happens when religion gets to decide our public policy.



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